At Shahmeer…

Our People set us apart

A food Ingredients company
Well-conversant with global industries

Shahmeer International started its Agency Representation/Indenting business in the summer of 2004, focusing on Food Ingredients. We are involved in international trading and exclusively serve industries and commercial traders who are dealing in food or manufacturing of food products. Currently, we are representing more than 25 International companies In Pakistan.

Being more than Just an Indentor
We represent a world full of natural Ingredients

Our strong relationships with many of the world’s leading ingredient producers enable us to offer you a wide range of not just new but also the latest products, modem applications and cutting-edge technologies. Our world is so Full of hams-free natural ingredients and products that are a result of years of expertise, research and commitment to excellence.

Knowledge, expertise, relationships
Make us your chosen solution providers

Whether your technologists need access to the latest performance Ingredients for your ongoing production or you need technical intonation for a new product launch. Shahmeer International has the right knowledge. expertise and relationships with industries of the world to be your best chosen solution providers — you name it, we do it.

Bringing you ingredients of choice
With a promise of-world class quality products

Working closely with you as our customers ensures that we can meet your needs for innovative ingredients that will help satisfy your demanding and changing tastes time and again, as and when required.

Helping you grow your business By bringing hands-on solutions for different busi­ness needs Shahmeer International develops hands-on solutions for different end-products in partnership with you as our customer, because we regard you as our professional peer. As a source of knowledge and information, we wish to be considered as your extension. The higher goal is to have you as a carefree consumer regardless of where you may be located in the country. Being known by the relationships we keep With our chain of suppliers and varied custom­ers the world over As a global supplier, we have built trade relationships with many countries and aim to establish a leading position amongst the largest trade companies. Therefore, we are constantly endeavouring (or customer satisfaction and for opportunities to build new business relationship with companies around the world. Two decades of experience That makes a world of difference We will work with you to tailor a range of services In the way you do business. With over two decades of experi­ence of delivering products, services and flexibility, we can offer you world-class efficiencies. Being rich in ideas, proactive inputs Enables us to provide you comprehensive, research-oriented services Our staff is rich in ideas and is able to give you their valuable proactive inputs to meet your every growing requirement: hence, we pride ourselves on our high level of professionalism and the ability to provide you compre­hensive services. Over the years, our company has been developing rapidly, by seizing every favourable opportuni­ty and implementing the results of our perpetual, high-quality research partners in progress.